Hair Removal/IPL

Waxing treatments using Adam and Eve Strawberry wax which is great for getting short, coarse and fine hairs.

Strawberry wax

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) produces wavelengths of light that are absorbed into the hairs melanin. The non surgical pulses of light use heat to break down melanin and destroy the hair follicle which then causes the hair to fall out. The IPL machine used is one of the most effective and pain free hair reduction treatments available. It can also reduce the appearance of age spots, broken capillaries and pigmentation.

Full Leg £22
Full Leg and Bikini £28
3/4 Leg £20
Half Leg £18
Bikini £10
Underarm £10
Eyebrow £8
Lip £6
Chin £6
IPL Hair Removal
Lip £40
Chin £40
Lip and Chin £60
Cheeks £40
Hands £40
Feet £40
Abdomen Line £40
Bikini £50
Underarms £50
Extended Bikini £70
Forearms £60
Back £80
Buttocks £70
Chest £80
Upper or Lower Legs £85
Full Leg £150
All prices are per session. Book a course of 6 and receive 1 free.
Pigmentation / Red Vein
Single Treatment £30
Nose £35
Cheeks £40
Hands £40
Legs POA